My break up with iPhone

I thought of penning born my frustration with my ex : to be clear, her name is iPhone.

First i made a terrible mistake of buying the 16gb.  her memory is limited and cannot be expanded, I had to pay for extra memory every month,

One worst feature on iphone: I could not manage to media like videos on a way that I could share easily , this means that I spent more money on data to compensate for the restrictions and this probably cost me more than the cost of the phone itself,

Thirdly, the phone is too basis and has no innovation . It’s not easy combing through the app store looking for the best app for instance to do the Gif, Samsung galaxy 8 has done it all for me .
Management of files like documents is also very clumsy on iPhone, I want to manage files like books or pdf files the way I would manage on my laptop, Samsung does it well
It’s so easy to manage media , I can delete multiple photos very fast by increasing the photos on the page view

Of course Iphone has a deleted photos folder. I lost the deleted photos folder. I used to love it , you could not tell whether I kept secret photos

On Samsung S8 i got a better deal. Another first is a preloaded secret photos folder managed by a pattern passcode and bometric . I love it

I downloaded the image to text app done by Samsung. It’s awesome for those moment you don’t feel like typing.

I love the gif creator on S8. What an innovation . Downside no voice. But better than iPhones none existent. Iphone has no alternative.

The camera has a focus mode . It’s awesome
Samsung does not make a choice hard. The two phones ‘re basically similar. The differences in iPhone made me postpone the  purchase of the 7 upgrade
The spellchecker and autocorrect is poor on samsung to the point of being very annoying.

The google assistant on S8 is too smart. It understands the follow up questions like when setting up a reminder and the time was not ok. I am way impressed .
I am told that i can download for iPhone. Dont need that anyway.

The camera on samsung S8 is awesome. Pretty smart and very fast . Though after one month it seems to be slower. HERE  the Iphone takes the crown,Its camera is the best , fastest and clearest.
Photos taken in lowlights are awesome.

Still can’t replace a professional camera.
The gallery has an excellent layout that doesn’t block some parts of the image when sharing it editing
The Samsung camera for selfie doesn’t reinvest selfless to normal looks texts come inverted on the selfie.  I miss that bit from Iphone.
I love the gif maker !!! Bit it does not record voice and it’s limited in length
Though it’s a plus. IPhone doesn’t have it.

The fingerprint scanner is clumsy on s8. Iphones is better place on the front side .

Doesn’t work well with cover
You smudge the camera as you attempt to open the phone using the scanner and the phone prompts you to clean up the lenses.

I love the quick access for the data switch off
In iPhone I miss the quick button for switching data off

I hate the way android frequently reminds me to update tonnes of apps . I don’t like that

The spellchecker on Samsung is stupid beyond words . Basic words seems unrecognised completely. I hate this . IPhone is much smarter . Or is it because the old iPhone learnt to predict what I usually type. Android spellchecker sucks .It seems to suggest badly spelt words. I may be to blame here.

The camera is obviously a drag. Its nkr as smooth and fast as IPhone camera. I can’t take photos randomly and as fast as i do on IPhone. I hare this.

I like the android one touch to close all apps . Iphone is clumsy . I have to close one by one

The fast charging is fascinating. I am in the bush and a generator powered tent .managed to fully charge from 11% to 100% IN 70 Minutes

The google assistan5 can even understand the command to call the last received number. Okay I can also get that on iPhone.

The akg earphones are cheap . Very poor quality sound .I had to look for my old iPhone earphones. They have a great sound.

I hate the WhatsApp for android . It sends me an alert for message that will take 60 secs to arrive. That can easily be fixed

The text and animation creator are perhaps the best innovation on s8. Was It to use. However it seems like normal highlight is some places like on Twitter doesn’t work

I am in my second month and the playstore is hanging . Apple store never hang even one moment in the three years I used the phone.

For those who love the secret or incognito mode , Samsung internet browser is just for you. When you close the browser and reopen the browser, it doesn’t go back to the same aired you were browsing. Seems perfect to me.

I hate the constant requests t9 update apps Every time I try to open them.

The spellcheck seems an it stupid . Maybe the older phone had gotten used to me . I don’t know .

I love the back button located on the bottom of the android phone . I don’t have to keep pushing via the top like iPhone requires . Very convince got larger phone sizes.

One stupid thing about iPhone is that if you save a number as ‘home’ and not mobile , that number cannot be used for text and WhatsApp messaging.

The copy option on the Samsung s8 phone is just awesome . It doesn’t fail. One touch. It works
. On the iPhone I had to keep pressing copy to be sure that it copies.

The clipboard on Samsung s8 is also awesome . It keeps most of the previously copies stuff. Comes in handy end deals g with phone numbers that may not be saved.

Another idea for arranging the messages; sort them in reverse. The newest to be at the bottom. Since last phones are so long these days it makes sense to have newer messages easily accessible at the bottom side my fingers can easily reach there to open and read.

I love the way it’s easy to switch off data on android. Iphones data manager is far and clumsy.

I will miss the physical sound switch on IPhone

I love the one touch from contacts to calling on iPhone Though it’s easy to make accidental calls .

I miss the intelligent scheduling on iPhone that picks content from messages to calendar retaining the link to the message in the calendar.

I.hate the rigidity of managing pdf word docs and notes in iPhone. Up to now I haven’t managed to move them to Samsung  two months since I bought Samsung.i had lots of them.

I miss the iPhone proprietary podcast app. It schedules a number of podcasts has easy options of sleep timer . It’s a nightmare find the right podcast app for android.

Overall file and gallery management is awesome . I don’t miss iPhone when it comes to this.

The notes manager for Samsung is awesome. It feels safe from accidental deletion compared to iPhone.

I have that I cannot access my iPhone notes and photos and documents on a mobile device. This purely an anticompetitive move by iPhone. I can only access the docs on a laptop or an iOS device. Very inconvenient.

In terms if security and confidentially I just feel quite insecure with android.
IOS is super safe. It has two factor authentication that gives you a sense ofsecurity. Plus the fingerprint scanner is easy to use on iPhone so I don’t have to switch it off like I did on Samsung.

Regarding memory, iPhone on low memory really sucks . Avoid 16gb memory iPhone at all.costs. It will cost you more on lost moments and opportunities for that photo shot.

On the  other hand a low memory phone makes you live room the moment literally. You don’t keep me hoard images that you will never need.

Low memory phone forces you to keep your phone with only the memst moments.

I like the gif maker on Samsung. It automatically detects images that can be combined to gif.

The iPhone has a nice feature of grouping photos of the same person. It’s pure AI at its best. I miss that one

But why can’t I have both ?

The Samsung camera is also silly. A selfie comes with an inverted images. Any writings comes reading backward. How come only iPhone hacked the done first ?
All in all IPhone has the you. The sexy and class factor.

Despite all the abuse i suffered with my ex I will go back.